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Questions About Inspection Marketing Services (IMS)

IMS creates informative and educational brands related to home inspection services for consumers and real estate agents to use at no cost to them. This can include websites, videos, or printable media.
No, we do not makes sales and marketing calls for individual inspection companies. It is nearly impossible to find those leads without the help and participation of real estate agents. Instead, we use our brands as a resource for real estate agents to share with their clients who can then hire home inspectors who are listed on respective websites for each of our brands.

First and foremost, we provide leads to participating inspectors through the use of "content" and education.

Second, we offer participating inspectors the option to use any marketing materials we create rebranded with their logo and contact information (for a small rebranding fee).

Third, we provide video production services for inspectors who need a commercial or corporate presentation. We also offer inspectors the option to rebrand any videos we create for IMS brands (for a small rebranding fee).

Not necessarily. A home inspection association's primary job is to provide education, oversight, and various benefits to its members. The mission of IMS brands is targeted strictly to consumers and real estate professionals.

Only one home inspection company can represent a particular service area at any given time. Every inspector must be properly trained, licensed, and certified as required by the laws of their state.

Participating home inspectors are not expected to do anything for IMS or as a result of their participation.

No. The way home inspectors like to receive orders varies. Some inspectors use online scheduling, other inspectors use call centers, and many inspectors like to speak to their prospective clients first. However, there will ample ways for consumers and real estate pros to contact participating inspector on all of our branded websites.

All IMS branded websites use "content" to draw visitors who are interested in either learning more about inspection options or hiring an inspector. Once on one of our websites, the visitor can hire the "Recommended Inspector" listed on that website for their area.

Questions About is an online information portal / website that presents informative and educational information about Home Seller Inspections (HSI), or pre-listing / pre-sale inspections. It was designed for use by consumers and real estate professionals. aggregates and creates content related specifically to pre-listing / pre-sale inspections. Then, we invite real estate professionals to share those resources (and the website) with their clients. Then, inspection buyers have the ability to purchase an inspection from a listed participating inspector listed on the website.

No. If fact, any InterNACHI inspector can still participate as a participating recommended inspector in and promote InterNACHI's Move In Certified program.

We've already contacted Nick Gromicko about this and have his "blessing".

Questions About is an information resource about all types which is written specifically for real estate pros such as agents, mortgage lenders, bankers, and more. It takes the approach of helping them to understand inspection options, laws, and methods to discuss inspection options with their clients.

Questions About is an informational and educational package for for consumer home buyers and seller that expands on the various types on inspection options available to them. It also provides them with guidance during inspections plus forms to to help them decide when particular types of inspections are necessary (such as a 'Home Maintenance Inspection' and others).

General Questions

A combination of marketing tactics will be employed. This includes targeted emails to real estate agency leaders, press releases, and open invitations for real estate agents to register for the IMS newsletter. A strong SEO program is also in place.

No. IMS brands are informational resources and do not function as a traditional lead-generation service.

We are constantly adding content and value to these properties. There is no set schedule, but content will be added several time per month.

Yes. Simply provide us with the YouTube or Vimeo address for your video, and we will link it in your profile.

The following information is suitable for your profile:

  • Company Name
  • Personal Name
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Website Link
  • Video Link
  • Social Media Links
  • Order Now Link (to your own online order form)
  • Payment Types Accepted
  • Association Affiliations
  • Experience Summary
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